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Welcome to the FUTPacks FAQ section. If your question is not answered below, please contact the live chat to further assist you. If we are offline, please send us an email or tweet us at - Upon creation of your account, you have a balance of 0 coins, so if you want to start opening packs, it's time to purchase some coins at our store.

It's so simple! In order to buy coins for your FUTPacks account, after registering, click the 'Buy Coins' page located at the top of our website. It will then re-direct you to our store. You can then buy FUTPacks credits that will then translate to coins on your FUTPacks account on the main site! Once you have coins in your balance, you can choose what pack, you want to purchase. Don't forget to try our new Draft and High/ Low features! Good luck!
Once you have profited from your Credits, you can withdraw by clicking on 'My Account' and selecting "Withdraw". Please allow time for your withdrawal to process.
FUTPacks will, nine out of ten times, instantly buy your player for you INSTANTLY. In extreme circumstances we will get them to you within 48 hours of you withdrawing unless in a serious coin shortage. Please be patient, you will get your coins.
Of course! We have an automated service which means you will receive the coins for your pack INSTANTLY once redeemed so there is no waiting. We also have had thousands of extremely happy customers and currently sponsor a few of the biggest FIFA YouTubers around. A few to name would be Wroetoshaw, JMX, CapGunTom, xAcception, TechhZZZ and BenGrahamOfficial. We are also in affiliation with UTCoins4U and UTPacks4U, one of the most trusted FIFA Coin and pack sellers since FIFA 13.
We offer NO type of refund policy, unless there is a technical error within the site. You must always try and resolve the issue with us before contacting any other organisation. Any charge-back we receive, we will investigate. If it is found that we are innocent, we will press legal charges against the said user.
Feel free to contact us through our friendly live chat, if we are offline, you can email us via the live chat. Or alternatively, drop us a tweet at - We will assist you as soon as we can.
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